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Dollars in lost productivity

A notable trend is the rise of “quiet quitting,” where 59% of employees are not fully engaged in their work, and an additional 18% are described as actively disengaged​. The cost of disengaged employees is substantial, with an estimated $8.8 trillion in lost productivity worldwide.


New perks and benefits​

To combat talent shortages, 51% of employers plan to increase starting salaries in 2024 to attract more highly skilled workers, and 46% are adding new perks and benefits​ (Cooleaf)​. This statistic reflects the competitive nature of attracting top talent in today’s job market.


Lack technology and strategy

Gartner research found that 56% of HR leaders say their current HR technology and strategy don’t match their business needs for the present or the future​ (Cooleaf)​. This highlights the gap between the available HR technologies and the strategic needs they are supposed to meet.

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